Our Work.

What We Do

Building a better future for all.

Dadaba Foundation is dedicated to creating a sustainable and equitable future for all.

Environmental Advocacy

At Dadaba Foundation, we believe that environmental protection is not only a moral imperative but a practical necessity. Our Environmental Advocacy program is designed to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote policies that lead to a sustainable future.

Sustainable Agriculture

Agriculture is the backbone of our society, but traditional farming practices can be harmful to the environment. At Dadaba Foundation, we believe that sustainable agriculture can help us achieve food security, environmental protection, and economic growth. 

Human Rights Activism

Dadaba Foundation is dedicated to promoting and protecting human rights around the world. Our Human Rights Activism program is designed to raise awareness about human rights issues and advocate for policies that protect human rights.

Carbon Markets

Dadaba Foundation, a visionary organization committed to environmental sustainability, is spearheading the promotion and development of carbon markets in Ghana. 

Educational Reforms

Dadaba Foundation recognizes the profound impact that quality education can have on individuals and communities, and as such, we are deeply committed to championing educational opportunities, particularly for those residing in underserved and marginalized communities.


Our philanthropic endeavors are rooted in a commitment to creating positive change and uplifting the lives of those in need. Through a dynamic approach that blends empathy, strategic giving, and community engagement, Dadaba Philanthropy stands as a beacon of hope and catalyst for enduring transformation.

How We Work

Nurturing a Sustainable Tomorrow:

All our  initiative aligns seamlessly with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals,

In our pursuit of philanthropy and social impact, each initiative and program undertaken by Dadaba Foundation is carefully designed to resonate with specific UN SDGs. Whether it’s fostering sustainable communities, promoting education, or supporting health and well-being

Dedicated to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals and communities across the globe

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